Who’s Ready for a Riddick Video Slot?

The 2013 film Riddick, actually the third in the Riddick movie series, starring Vin Diesel, is definitely one of the more popular action movie titles we’ve seen in the past few years. While some may argue the story of the film isn’t particularly developed, there is certainly no lack of action from the start to finish.

If you’re an adrenaline buff, you’re going to love Riddick – no doubt about it. However, there is only a limited number of times you can see any movie before it gets old. So, what could be done to give Riddick a new life and make it interesting even for those who have seen the film a few times? The answer is really simple – give us a Riddick casino slot!

Perfect Setup for a Modern Slot

If we look into other films that have been turned into casino slots lately, Riddick definitely has all the elements to make it an exciting and action-filled game. With so many explosive scenes and blasts all over the place, the game could have a huge number of cutscenes that would make it worth playing on their own.

If one of the big game developers such as Netent, Microgaming, Play N Go or Aristocrat were to strike a deal to obtain the rights, they would be able to use all the original movie imagery and dialogues, so the game would appeal equally to Riddick fans and those just looking to play an action played slot. If they were to launch the game exclusively on Casumo Casino even better, since Casumo offers bonus codes to new players, so everyone could try their luck even with a small deposit.

Mud demon featureEndless Ideas for Bonus Features

Apart from good graphics, any slot that strives to succeed in the modern era needs to be able to offer entertaining and novel bonus features that go beyond just free spins. With just a bit of imagination, Riddick offers so many options that there is space to insert four or five different bonuses in the gameplay without making them boring or repetitive.

For example, using today’s technology, it would be fairly easy to make a special feature where you’re trying to fight off Mud Demons and make your headway towards the ship. It could even be done in stages, so you need to trigger the bonus several times to reach your destination, with each level offering better prizes and more action.

Once you reach the ship, you trigger another bonus game, where you need to clear the area of the Demons, blasting away using the ship’s weapons. Add enough visual and sound effects to the mix, and Riddick could be one of those slots that you really play for the entertainment value, not just the winning potential.

Of course, there are many movies out there that would make a great casino slot, and the developers are taking their time, so it’s hard to say when and if Riddick will catch their attention. However, if anyone out there is looking to create a high-adrenaline, action-packed slot, it hardly gets better than this!

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