How to Decorate With a Riddick Wall Art Movie Poster

Gone are the days when movie posters are stereotyped as college dorm room decors.  Movie posters have made its way into homes – and it’s just not on the entertainment room or family room!

One of the most favorite collectibles among movie fans are Riddick Chronicles items.  From the first franchise of the Riddick Chronicles, which was Pitch Black, shown in 2000, the movie’s quintessential hero has amassed a cult following. With the bad ass antihero Richard Riddick fighting to survive several different planets to reigning Lord Marshal of the Necromongers in the later installment, the franchise has become really popular. Add to that the fact that the franchise was made into video and mobile games plus novelizations, and you have a massive hit!

Riddick is the franchise’s third installment, and it brings back the brooding action film that is a trademark of the films with the antihero fending off demons and fighting mercenaries to survive after he renounced his Lord Marshal position.

Are you an avid fan of the Riddick franchise? Or are you a movie buff who loves anything and everything about movies? 

If you answered “YES!” to any of the questions, then read on how to decorate with a Riddick wall art poster in your home.

Tip 1: Never tack it

You can find different ways on how to hang your Riddick movie poster, but never tack it because it definitely screams college dorm vibe. A poster rail is one creative option, using a pants hanger can also work, or if you’re in doubt or you just don’t do creative, use a solid frame.

Tip 2: Pick a motif 

Choose a motif you want to do on a room’s wall space. Try to consider the color, design, and arrangement of the decors and make your Riddick poster the centerpiece of it. Or you can pick a motif for the entire room and put in the Riddick poster in a strategic place to enhance the room’s aesthetics.

Tip 3: Hang it with other movie posters

If you’re an avid Hollywood fan, the Riddick poster won’t be the only poster you’ll own. It’s time to get those art works and set up a gallery wall. You can basically hang a gallery wall in the living room, corner wall or any space in your home.

Aside from movie posters, there are many art works you can decorate any room with. To get optimum visual aesthetics of your wall décor, make sure that you source posters from a reputable wall art online shop – one that provides exceptional quality art works and is focused on providing comprehensive customer support to its clients. 

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